Exotic, sinful, and the most delicious treat. These wild Hibiscus
flowers are naturally preserved in spring water and Australian cane
sugar to keep the flowers from drying out or loosing it's color.
Flowers sizes vary somewhat but are quite large (about 1 oz each)

These little gems are filled with a rum ganache with the bottoms dipped
into dark Belgian Chocolate for a most exciting flavor.  The petals are
left exposed for a dramatic effect and will surely intrigue and delight.

They have a distinctive taste of their own but if you love chocolate
covered cherries you will love these. They are truly unique, delicious and
distinctive ... qualities and will melt hearts for sure.

4 piece (4oz) size   Shipping 8 oz

 8 piece (8oz) size   Shipping 12 oz

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Wild Chocolate Covered Hibiscus Flowers and Ganache

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