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Our Charitable Chocolates

Our chocolate doesn't just taste good, it does good.

At BonBons Confections, we believe feeding the soul is as important as
feeding the body, and we also believe doing good for others benefits
all of us in the long run.

Every time you purchase a gift of BonBons chocolate for yourself or
others, you make it possible for BonBons to give a gift to
organizations that make a difference. We are committed to 20% of our
profit being donated to worthy causes such as:

WW -Wounded Warrior Project (local and national)

NF - North Fulton Charities (local Atlanta)

AR - Various Animal Rescue Organizations (local Atlanta and nationally)

MAW - Make A Wish Foundation (local and national)

UN - Unity North Atlanta Church (local)

HS - Humane Society Of Forsyth County (local)



We even give you the opportunity to tell us where you want our donation from your purchase to go when you check out in the comments section.

Tell Lydia where to donate the profits from your purchase. Just insert code  WW, NF, AR, or MAW.


Join us in celebrating chocolate that not only tastes good, but does good.